Fortnite Lever Action Shotgun Stats Revealed

Fortnite recently added the Lever Action Shotgun to its loot pool. Recently its stats for each variant have been revealed.

Fortnite vaulted everyone’s favorite Pump Shotgun at the beginning of Season 5. Currently, two shotguns are available in-game and they are the Charge and the tactical. The charge shotgun has a slight delay before firing so many do not like it that much. On the other hand, the Tactical got nerfed in the previous season. So, players who don’t like either of them were in a bind as close range fights in Fortnite are always with shotguns.

Epic Games took the Pump out of the loot pool because they had planned to introduce a brand new shotgun into the game. The new shotgun was added with the 15.20 update and it’s called the Lever Action Shotgun.

The Lever Action is a single shot shotgun shooting multiple pellets. The shells need to be chambered after each shot. It has 6 round magazine and reloads one shell at a time like other shotguns in Fortnite.

The Lever Action Shotgun’s stats have recently been revealed thanks to a Fortnite leaker.

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Lever Action Shotgun Stats Revealed:

The Lever Action Shotgun can be found in different rarities with each of them having different stats. There are a total of 5 variants of the Lever Action Shotgun that can be found ranging from floor loot to chests to Supply Drops. You can also upgrade the Shotgun’s rarity from NPC’s.

The stats for the different rarity Lever Action Shotgun is given below-

Lever Action Shotgun stats
Lever Action Shotgun stats(All Rarity)

New Shotgun Reactions:

The reaction regarding the new Lever Action Shotgun has been mixed on the internet. While some people hate it, others absolutely love it. Some people like it more than the Charge Shotgun.

Fortnite YouTuber Ali-A recently shared a tweet showing him doing only 32 damage with the uncommon variety. He said, “Is the new Level Action Shotgun actually really bad…!?”. Comments in the post were quick to point out that Ali-A was using the uncommon rarity and only hit three pellets hence the low damage.

Ali-A later made a comment about further testing out the higher rarity versions.

While Al-A is testing out the new shotgun, TeamPWR has won the internet by making a meme about the Lever Action Shotgun. PWR clan’s founder Lachlan thinks the Lever Action Shotgun is good enough.

So overall the reaction is mostly positive with the addition of the new shotgun. But you need to try it out for yourself to actually know if you like it or not.

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