Fortnite Leaks: New Teaser, Hero Strings, and Marvel Logo added

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: VastBlast/ Epic games

A couple of new Fortnite leaks have surfaced just now. These leaks show us the new unreleased teaser, some new strings regarding marvel heroes, and a Marvel logo being added.

Epic Games and Marvel crossover is taking on momentum as more and more leaks are released every day. Every day we are getting a new teaser from Epic Games that hint at new story development.

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New Teaser Leaked

Already we have had 3 teasers out and together they spell NEX. A new teaser has been leaked that has U in it. With the latest leaked teaser, we are now at NEXU. Leakers are predicting that the teasers will ultimately spell out NEXUS. Nexus means the Zero point explosion in Fortnite.

The new teaser was leaked by VastBlast on Twitter.

New Strings and Marvel Logo Added

Two new strings were added to Fortnite. These strings also say something that points us to Marvel characters. Previously 4 text strings were added.

Heralds is clearly mentioning Thor. In the comic book teasers, we saw Thor being called the Herald. By technology, it probably means Iron Man because he is a man who fights using technology. Rage means Hulk because his strength is increased if he is enraged. Justice might mean Captain America.

The two new strings also suggest some Marvel characters. VastBlast said in his twitter,

“The following teaser messages were just added:

-“Deception Alone Won’t Save Us”

-“Loyalty Alone Won’t Save Us”.

Deception alone won’t save us makes me think of Loki. Everyone knows Loki as the master of Deception in the Marvel universe. I don’t know who it is pointing towards with Loyalty.

Epic also added a Marvel logo to the website source.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.