Fortnite Leaks: Arc Reactor Whiplash, Iron Man Chests, etc

A new set of leaks have revealed a few things that are coming to Fortnite season 4 soon. These include Arc Reactor Whiplash and Iron Man Chests and more.

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4 is kicking in high gear after the rift beacons made by Tony Stark(Iron Man) were activated. These rifts brought some new mysterious landmarks to the game and also brought some new rifts.

These rifts are similar to the ones we had in Fortnite Chapter 1. If you go into them you are teleported high up in the air and can then use your glider. In the coming days, we are going to see a lot more map changes.

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Arc Reactor Whiplash

A new car is going to be introduced according to some leaks. Tony Stark(Iron Man) apparently made some modifications to the Whiplash car in Fortnite. He replaced the Whiplash engine with an Arc Reactor.

The Whiplash will apparently have an Arc Reactor at the front and it will glow while driving. We still don’t know if this Iron Man Whiplash will be any faster than the original Whiplash. The Whiplash license plate says M4rk 51 nodding to Iron Man’s Mark 51 armor.

Iron Man Chest

Another leak provides us with images of the new upcoming Stark Industry Chests. Iron Man might soon be taking over The Authority. These chests will then spawn in the Authority. If you didn’t know the Authority is currently being evacuated. So it makes sense for these Stark Industry chests to be added in The Authority once Iron Man takes over.

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