Fortnite Leakers Reveal Date of the Molten Renegade Raider Release

A Molten Variant of the famous Renegade Raider skin is coming to the Fortnite item shop very soon.

Skin rarity is a thing in Fortnite. The previous rarest skin Recon Expert was in the item shop a few days back. Now the new rarest skin Renegade Raider is supposedly coming to the item shop pretty soon. But it might be in the form of a paid pack. It might also be a different variant for the OG players who bought the skin during Season 1.

Players who own the Renegade raider skin are considered OG players because the skin was released in Season 1. There was no battle-pass back then. You had to be a certain level in order to be eligible to buy this skin. That’s why a lot of players do not own this skin. Players who own this skin can flex in any Fortnite lobby all they want.

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But recently the new Chapter 2 Season 3 just launched and in the trailer, we saw what looks to be a new variant of Renegade Raider. In the very few frames that we see, we saw what seems to be a molten variant of the Renegade Raider skin.

After the video went live players all over the world started speculating if the skin is going to come back to the item shop. But Fortnite data miners have recently leaked when the skin or possibly the pack is going to come to the item shop. The price is not yet known as the skin is still encrypted.

Thanks to Fortnite data miner FireMonkey we now know when the Molten Renegade Raider might come out.

Data miner Leak:

Now Epic Games can change the time of Release as they wish. So players need to have patience and see if this will be an OG variant like purple skull trooper or the Pink Ghoul Trooper. Or will they simply put it in a paid pack like the Codename E.L.F.

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