Fortnite: Last Marvel Knockout Super Series Skin Teaser Released

Fortnite recently released a teaser for the final tournament skin in the Marvel Knockout Super Series and it’s none other than everyone’s favorite symbiote Venom.

Fortnite Nexus war season is almost at an end. At the beginning of this season, Epic Games first released the Fortnite Marvel Knockout Super Series tournament. At that time we came to know that there will be four tournaments over the course of the season played in the Marvel Knockout game mode. Each of these tournaments was based around specific Marvel characters. The first tournament was called the Daredevil Cup, the second one was the Ghost Rider Cup, and The third one was the recent Black Widow Cup.

All of these tournaments have already concluded leaving only the last tournament in the Marvel Knockout Super Series. Recently Fortnite published a teaser on their official Twitter. In the teaser, we can see the silhouette of the Marvel character Venom. This finally confirms all the leaks in the previous few days that the final tournament in the Marvel Knockout Super Series will be the Venom tournament.

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In the teaser, we did not see any official date for the tournament but from previous posts from Fornite, we know that the tournament will be held on 18th November 2020. From the silhouette of the teaser, we can also deduce that the Venom skin might have a pickaxe made from its body mass. In the movies and comics, Venom is seen making sharp and blunt weapons from its own body mass so this pickaxe will be in a similar style.

Nothing more can be said about the skin or the tournament at this point but we will be sure to include more info as it appears.

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