Fortnite: How To Eliminate Wolverine for Upcoming Week 6 Challenge

This guide will help you to Find Wolverine in Weeping Woods for the upcoming challenges. This guide will also share some of the tips and tricks to follow when facing him.

Fortnite Season 4 week 6 is almost upon us. The weekly challenges will reset on Thursday, October 1st. Tomorrow we will get the next part of Wolverine challenges. We will be able to unlock Wolverine as a skin in Fortnite Battle Royale tomorrow.

In order to unlock him, we will have to eliminate him at least once. If you previously tried to find and eliminate him then you already know fighting him is not easy. He has more than 2000 health and shield and can regenerate his health very quickly. Wolverine is also not easy to find as he does not have a set spawn location.

This guide will help you to find him and eliminate him easily in order to get the Wolverine skin in Fortnite.

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How to Find Wolverine Easily in Weeping Woods

We need to find Wolverine first in order to eliminate him but some of us already know finding him is not so easy. He can be found roaming anywhere in weeping woods and this makes tracking him very tough.

According to meetlootllama on Twitter Wolverine spawns around the marked spots more often. These are the most likely places to find Wolverine. He is often seen patrolling the marked routes below.

How to eliminate Wolverine

Eliminating Wolverine is also very hard as he has more than 2000 health and shield. He can also regenerate his health at a rapid rate. His claw spin attack makes going near him very dangerous as he can destroy builds. He can also close the distance very fast with his claw swipe attack.

First, I would recommend dropping near the houses in Weeping woods and farming for some weapons and lots of ammo. Then you can take a car from Weeping Woods and look for Wolverine.

Once you find him use your long-range weapons and aim for the head. It is also recommended to keep multiple ARs or SMGs as you can shoot without reloading. When you knock him out don’t stop as he can revive himself very quickly. keep shooting him to stop his regeneration from kicking in.

That is all for this guide and try this challenge in a party of four as it will be much easier.

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