Fortnite Galaxy Girl Skin First Look Leaked Thanks to Samsung Health App Mishap

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Samsung/Epic games/ iannzits

Fortnite Galaxy Girl skin first look has been leaked thanks to a mishap by the Samsung Health app.

Since 2017 when Fortnite first became popular it has tried to give players new things to talk about. From different collaborations to mind-blowing in-game events everything kept people talking for weeks. Every time there is a new collaboration or an upcoming event People start speculating and hyping up the event. Seems like this time the upcoming Galaxy cup is not much different.

Fortnite did many collaborations in the past with Samsung. Seems like a new pretty big collaboration is coming up. The Galaxy skin and the Iconic skin are some of the most exclusive skins in Fortnite. These skins were added to the game thanks to the collaboration between Samsung and Fortnite.

Seems like a new collaboration is happening between these two companies.

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What is the Galaxy Cup?

A few weeks ago leakers found out about a new tournament that was only for people who owned galaxy devices. Since that time players have been speculating about the tournament. One of the main things that kept players talking about this upcoming tournament was the reward for this was a galaxy style female outfit.

How Do I Enter?

Apparently players who own a Galaxy device are the only people eligible to participate in this tournament. The phone needs to be able to access the Samsung Galaxy store in order to register for the tournament.

Important Dates

According to leakers, the tournament is supposed to be held on 25th July. The time to register for the tournament is apparently on the 20th of July.

The Galaxy Girl Outfit

Thanks to a Twitter user name iannzits we get to see what the skin actually looks like. iannzits was browsing the Samsung health app and due to a mishap on the app, he found the Galaxy skin promotion on his phone.

Credit: iannzits Twitter

People are speculating over on Twitter over how to actually get the skin. Some people think just participating in the tournament is enough to get the skin while others think the skin will be given to top placements only. Players will have to also play the tournament on their Galaxy devices in order to be eligible to win.

There is no sure leak if the skin will ever be in the item shop in the future. It might just be an exclusive just like the previous galaxy skin. It might also come to the item shop just like the komplex skin. So there is still hope for people who do not own a modern galaxy device.

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