Fortnite FNCS Week 1 Results and Final Placements

Fortnite FNCS week 1 has already concluded and here you can learn about the final results and placements.

Fortnite FNCS returned in Chapter 2 Season 4 on with the trios format. The opening round was a three-day heated battle starting on October 9 and finishing on October 11. All of the big names in the Fortnite competitive scene were in the FNCS week 1 tournament. Some of them include world cup winner Bugha, Clix, Arkhram, Avery, and many more. All these pros were in it to win it.

Fortnite FNCS started out with thousands of teams but was quickly down to the top 1000. After that only 33 teams in each region could qualify. This is where the teams had to play 12 matches and the teams with the highest points after 12 matches were the winners.

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FNCS Europe Results

Keziixz, 4zr, and Nayte were the winners of the FNCS week 1 in Europe. They had a total of 182 points. They played 12 matches and got victory royale in only one. They got 67 points from eliminations and 120 from placements.

Cumulative leaderboard Europe

FNCS NA East Results

KREMON, Bucke, DEMONADA secured the top spot in the NA East region with a total of 250 points. Right behind them are Fortnite world cup winner Bugha, Jamper, and Avery’s team with 243 points. Although Bugha’s team was at the top spot after finishing day one they were overtaken on the 2nd day by Kremon, Bucke, and DEMONADA.

Cumulative leaderboard NA East

FNCS NA West Results

FNCS NA West top spot goes to the consistent trio of Arkhram, rehx, and EpikWhale. They scored a total of 276 points and are miles ahead of the 2nd team.

Cumulative leaderboard NA West

FNCS Results Oceania

Jynx, alecc, and worthy secured the top spot in Oceania with 256 points. They played 12 matches and achieved victory royale in 4 of them. They scored 74 points from eliminations.

Cumulative leaderboard Oceania

FNCS Results Brazil

FNCS Brazil results are pretty interesting as K1ng’s team scored 420 points which is almost twice that of the team in 2nd position. They also won 11 out of the 12 matches played. They scored 133 points from eliminations. The team that came second is nowhere near K1ng and his team.

Cumulative leaderboard Brazil

FNCS Results Asia

In the Asia region of FNCS Qjac, WildHawk and naetor secured the top spot with a total of 223 points. They played 12 matches and got 1 victory and 86 points from eliminations.

Cumulative leaderboard Asia

FNCS Results Middle East

Middle East’s top spot was secured by KuKi zZz, Phoenix Mev, and Wiz Nyle. They scored a total of 209 points in 12 matches. They had 46 points from eliminations that means most of their points came from consistent placements.

Cumulative leaderboard Middle East

This week of FNCS was rather interesting and we will keenly wait to see the development of upcoming week 2 of FNCS.

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