Fortnite: First Look At The Ant Manor POI

A new POI was added to Fortnite season 4 map called Ant Manor.

Previously we knew about the Stark Industry rift beacons being activated. Recently their power and range have increased. These rift beacons are apparently being used to teleport chunks of land from another universe to the Fortnite island. Recently we got a POI with a prison transport van. Now we have a new POI that is called the Ant Manor.

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Ant Manor POI

The Ant Manor POI appeared in-game to the North-East side of Holly Hedges. The new POI is located right beside another landmark called Flopper Pond. It appears as a detached piece of land lifted up from the ground and an orange glow on around the edge.

Ant Manor POI location on map
Credit: Epic Games

The Ant Manor POI comes with a giant doghouse and underground ant-hill. The doghouse is apparently for a huge pet ant named Anton. The underground anthill has a few weapons spawns, two chest spawns, and multiple tunnels to enter and exit the POI.

Credit: Epic Games

The top part of the POI also has some chest spawns. There are also two new rifts that have appeared near the new Ant Manor POI. These rifts can be used to quickly rotate to the circle.

The whole POI gives the feeling of being shrunk down. Everything from the giant house, huge sugar cubes to the massive tennis balls all give the feeling of being shrunk down to ant size.

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