Fortnite Device Event Apparently Reached Max Capacity

Fortnite Device Event today apparently reached max capacity and Fortnite themselves suggested watching it online in case players couldn’t make it.

Players all around the world have been waiting for something to happen in the Fortnite world for a long time now. First, the event was supposed to be held on 2nd June. Epic games declared that the event was not ready and pushed it back by a week.

At a later date, they declared that the event is going to be delayed again. That pushed the event time to today 15th June.

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As usual, Fortnite recommended players to get in-game 30 mins before the event to get a seat. But in previous even if players were late they could get in but this time Epic Games made a slight change to that.

Anyone who didn’t get in before 20 mins couldn’t even launch the game. They made a twitter post saying that the servers were at max capacity and suggested some links to watch the event online.

Fortnite’s Creative Director Himself Couldn’t Get in

Fortnite’s Creative Director Couldn’t get in to watch the event and made a twitter post about it.

A lot of players couldn’t get into the match. Fortnite didn’t specify yet what will happen to the players that couldn’t get into the event.

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