Fortnite Chapter 2 Week 8 Challenges

Fortnite Chapter 2 Week 8 challenges are live and here’s how to complete them.

Each week Fortnite keeps players busy with new challenges. This week is also going to have several challenges that players can complete in order to gain XP and level up their battle pass.

Some of the challenges this week are based around the new vehicles that were added in the last update. Players have been waiting for car-related challenges for a few weeks now.

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The Challenges

Search 7 Chests at Frenzy Farm

This one is pretty easy. For this one, you just need to land at Frenzy Farm and find 7 chests. There are over 19 chests in Frenzy Farm. So even if you cannot get all 7 in one go it should not take more than 2 tries.

3 Eliminations at Salty Springs

This challenge is also very easy. If you are having trouble completing this in normal modes then hop onto Team Rumble and when the zone lands in Salty Springs which is very often, just eliminate 3 enemies.

Complete the boat time trial at Motorboat Mayhem

The boat time trial is probably going to be near Misty Meadows. It might be similar to a boat time trial from before.

Drive a car from Retail Row to Pleasant Park in less than 4 minutes

In order to complete this challenge first, you need to hop into a car and drive from Retail Row to Plesant Park in less than 4 minutes. In order to complete this a fast car like Whiplash is recommended.

Collect 500 Wood from Holly Hedges

Land at Holly Hedges and break the hedges for a ton of wood in order to complete this challenge easily. You need to get 500 wood. This does not need to be completed in one match.

Deal 1 damage to opponents from inside of a vehicle

This challenge can be done either by hitting an enemy with the vehicle or having someone drive the car and leaning out and shooting an enemy.

Search 7 Ammo Boxes at Lazy Lake

You need to search 7 ammo boxes at Lazy Link. This should be easy because Lazy Link is full of ammo boxes.

Hardest Challenge

Deal 10,000 damage to opponents from inside of a vehicle

Since the last week, we saw the addition of a weekly challenge that is harder than the rest. In order to complete This challenge, a party of four is recommended.

For people who do not want to play in a party, this challenge can also be completed by just playing with your squad fill on. Players don’t need to be in your party to help you complete this challenge.

Even with four people this challenge will be tough to complete.

That’s all the challenges for Fortnite week 8 and they will award a ton of XP and help you reach your desired level in the Battle Pass.

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