Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Leaks

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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A youtuber named TaborHill just gave us some leaks regarding Fortnite season 4.

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4 is set to begin on 27 August. That means there are less than 10 days remaining. Leaks have already started to be released. Leakers are already saying that the new season might be Avengers-themed.

A Youtuber named TaborHill talked about season 3 leaks before and all of it came true. Recently he released another video where he talks about season 4 leaks. According to Tabor Hill, he gets all his leaks from a trusted source.

In season 3 all of Tabor’s predictions came true. So we cannot just ignore his season 4 leaks video. All the other leakers are talking about an Avengers-themed battle pass but TaborHill brings us some other leaks related to season 4.

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Season 4 Leaks

Marvel Crossover

The First Leak we get from Tabor Hills video is that the next season is going to be Marvel-themed. He got a lot of hate for leaking the previous season so he did not want to ruin it this for a lot of people. So he just gave hint that the next season is going to be Marvel.

Revamped Fishing

According to Tabor Hill, revamped fishing will play a big role in the next season. We already know about the Advanced Fishing Pole and Various types of new fish that are coming thanks to other leakers.

All these fish will have different effects when you eat them. They can only be caught using the Advanced Fishing Rod.

Ultra Rare Midas Fish

However, Tabor Hill talks about another type of fish that nobody has talked about previously. There is going to be another fish that is apparently called the Midas Fish. It is going to be a very rare fish that you can catch with the Advanced Fishing Pole. This fish might be as rare as the Mythic Gold Fish that is in the game currently.

This Midas Fish will turn all weapons in your inventory into Legendary rarity according to Tabor. This fish will basically give all of your current weapons Legendary upgrade.

That is all the leaks by Tabor Hill, and if you want to see the video for yourself click here.

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