Fortnite Bug Removes All Water And Shows Underwater POI

A Fortnite bug is removing all the waters from the map and revealing the new underwater POI to some players.

Each Season new POI’s keep Fortnite Interesting and new. Just a few days ago Fortnite released their new Chapter 2 Season 3. This season had the whole map flooded by a giant Tsunami. Most of the map is now underwater.

In the new Season 3, Near the sweaty-sands, players saw a Giant Whirlpool. Many players speculated a lot of things as to why this giant monstrosity was there.

Data miners later leaked that there is going to be a new POI under the Whirlpool when the water goes down.

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Is The New POI Going To be Atlantis?

A lot of players speculated that the new POI is going to be Atlantis because Aquaman is the hidden skin for the season. So it makes sense to add an Atlantis POI in the game too.

Water Bug

Recently a Twitter user by the name of Stackzyy1 encountered a new bug that removed the water from the New POI and revealed an empty space underwater.

The image on the left is the picture provided by Stackzzy1 and the main POI image on the right is provided by Fortnite leaker FortTory.

FortTory shared this on his Twitter

It seems to be an underwater temple or ruins. Now if this is Atlantis in ruins or just some random ruins we have no confirmation about that at this time.

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