Fortnite Bug Fixes That are Confirmed for the Upcoming 14.30 Update Next Week

Epic Games Confirmed these bugs are getting a fix in the Upcoming 14.30 update releasing next week.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s weekly update is a double-edged sword. It keeps the players coming back for more content and keeps the game fresh. On the other hand, it introduces a lot of game-breaking bugs. In the last 14.20 update that dropped, we got a lot of new content including new skins, Birthday Event, New LTM, and much more.

Along with all of these new content, we also noticed some game-breaking bugs. Some of these bugs made the game very frustrating to play. The good thing is that some of these bugs are getting a fix in the upcoming 14.30 update coming next week.

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Confirmed Bug Fixes

Some of the bugs that are confirmed getting a fix in the upcoming 14.30 update are discussed below.

Audio of the ‘Last Forever’ emote plays even when the licensed music setting is turned on. This emote will work properly and mute the audio when the licensed audio setting is turned on.

‘Placing a map marker cancels movement’ is a bug that has been around for a long time. When Battle Royale players open the map the characters can move fine while holding ‘W’. But placing a map marker abruptly halts the movement which leaves an unsatisfied feeling. This bug will also be fixed in the next update.

Team Rumble item shuffling is probably the most frustrating bug in a long time. Every time a player dies and respawns in Team Rumble his inventory shuffles randomly. This can be so frustrating as we have grown accustomed to keeping certain types of weapons in certain slots. This bug will also be getting a fix in the next week’s update. In the meantime, an alternate solution is to drop all of your items and weapons and picking them up in the order that you want.

Mobile has an XP bar visual glitch that shows an incorrect amount of XP in a match/lobby. This will also be fixed in the next patch.

Fortnite STW Sword of the Daywalker incorrect swinging animation bug and XBOX homeshare bug will not be fixed in the next update. It will be fixed in a future update.

That’s all of the bugs that are confirmed getting a fix in the next update except the two STW bugs. Hopefully, this makes the experience better for a lot of players.

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