Fortnite: All New Leaked Patch 14.10 Skins, Emotes, Wraps, etc

Fortnite’s patch 14.10 just dropped and it has a ton of new skin and emote.

Fortnite latest 14.10 patch is finally dropping. It brings a lot of new POI, LTMs, skins, and emotes. Leakers have already leaked a lot of new skins and emotes that were added to the game files.

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Stark Industries Trailer

The new Stark Industries trailer just dropped. In the 32 second trailer, we got a close look at the new Stark Industries POI.

Skins, Emotes and Backblings

This patch Fortnite added a lot of superhero-themed skins and emotes to the game files. All of these skin will apparently have customizable styles similar to the Soccer skins. We also have a ton of new backblings, emoticons, wraps, and emotes. A new corrupted legends pack was also leaked.

The hero skins can all be customized extensively. The customization options for each skin will be similar to the one below.

Venom Skin

According to some leakers we also might get a Venom skin pretty soon.

Emoji Backbling

We will also get a new backbling that will let use use our emojis as a hologram on the backbling.

Customizable Pickaxe

A new customizable backbling will be also be available.


Some new emotes also got added along with the very first legendary emote.

Legendary Emote

We also got the very first legendary emote added to Fortnite in this 14.10 patch.

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