Fortnite: All Cosmetic Items Added in the 14.60 Update

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Fortnite 14.60 update just went live and here are all the cosmetic items that got added.

Fortnite is a third-person battle royale game so the appeal of cosmetic items is high as usual. Players can buy skins and emotes from the item shop to customize characters to their heart’s content. This update saw the addition of 6 new skins to the game files. There are also multiple pickaxes, backblings, and emotes.

Fortnite 14.60 update is currently available for download. With the release of this update, 500MB event files were added along with multiple new skins and emote. The downtime is over and it’s time to look at the new skins that got added.

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There is a total of 6 new skins that got added to the game files in the 14.60 update. These are the Backscatter, Ice Raider, Heart Stopper, Cobb, Mincemeat, and the Venom.

The Heart Stopper skin has a black and white edit style. The Cobb skin on the other hand has three edit styles. All the other skins except Venom have only one style.

The Venom skin comes with a built in emote. Also the skin has two edit styles.

New Bundles:

Three bundles were also added in the 14.60 update. Two of them contain the most used skins and emotes from two famous Fortnite personalities BenjyFishy and NichEh30. These two creator bundles contain previously released skins and accessories from multiple skin sets. So if they are brought to the item shop it would be interesting to see if we will get a discount similar to other bundles.

Another new bundle that was added was the Cobb and Mincemeat bundle. These two skins are apparently going to part of the same bundle.

New STW(Save the World) Pack:

A new Vindertech Soldier pack will be available for purchase in the STW item shop. Purchasing this bundle will grant access to the Free STW version of Fortnite. Completing challenges in STW after purchasing this pack will also grant 1000 VBucks. The pack also comes with a backbling and a weapon for STW.


These 4 backblings were added to the game files in the 14.60 update. They are part of the skins mentioned above.


We can’t forget about the pickaxes that were added as they are a core part of the Fortnite gameplay experience. Three pickaxes were added in the 14.60 update. Their in-game view can be seen below.


Five new wraps were also added to the game files with the release of the 14.60 update.

Music Pack and Sprays:

The event music pack was added as part of the new update.

The Ghost Rider Spray and the Peely Bhangra Boogie spray also got added to the game files in the 14.60 update.

New Skin Variants:

The Castor and Emira skins got a new edit style. This makes both these skins have four edit styles each. The backblings relating to these skins also got edit styles.

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