Fortnite Added a New Challenge For Players That Could Not Complete Dance on A Crane at Rickety Rig

Fortnite has added a new challenge for players that could not complete the Dance on a Crane at Rickety Rig.

Fortnite Battle Royale has a Battle Pass system that gives players rewards for leveling up. In order to level up, players need to farm XP. Players have to option to farm XP in various ways. Each action performed in-game gives a certain amount of XP but the Biggest source of XP is completing challenges.

Players can complete these challenges to get a huge amount of XP. Fortnite gives 35,000 XP for completing each weekly challenge. These weekly challenges can help the more casual players level up their battle pass relatively easily.

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Crane at Rickety Rig got removed

In week 3, there was a challenge, and This challenge required players to dance on top of a Crane at Rickety Rig. Players would get 35,000 XP for completing this challenge. Unfortunately in the last update the island that had the crane on it got removed. Players could not complete the challenge because the crane was gone.

Players showed a lot of frustration on social media websites as they could not complete the challenge.

New Challenge for Everyone

Recently Epic Games added a new challenge in the week 3 challenges. ‘Deal 200 damage to players in Catty Corner’ was the challenge that was introduced because players could not complete the crane challenge.

Epic Games put the new challenge up for everyone. So players who completed the dance on top of a crane also get the challenge. They can complete the new challenge to get an additional 35,000 XP.

How To Complete The New Challenge

In order to complete the new challenge first, you must head to Catty Corner located near the south-east side of the map. You need to deal 200 damage to players and the challenge should be complete.

Fortnite map
Catty Corner Location on Fortnite Map Credit: Epic Games

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