Fortnite 3rd birthday Wrap leaked, Bug Fixes Coming in 14.20

Epic Games revealed the bugs that are getting a fix in the next 14.20 update. Fortnite’s 3rd birthday wrap has also been leaked.

With the beginning of this season, Epic Games has once again brought back the weekly updates. With these updates, however, we also get a ton of bugs. Every patch Epic fixes a lot of bugs but some more pop up to take their place.

Still, Epic Games is trying to fix all of the bugs that might hamper the game-play experience of players. Recently they have published which bugs are getting a fix in the next 14.20 update.

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Battle Royale Bug Fixes

Fortnite Battle Royale is undoubtedly the most popular version of Fornite. Epic adds a ton of new content in this mode to keep players engaged and coming back. the battle royale bugs that are getting a fix in the next 14.20 update are given below-

There is a bug with some landmarks on the map not being discovered even after visiting them. Heroes Park is the most common example of this issue.

Fortnite Heroes park discover bug
Credit: Trello

Having effects settings on low can sometimes make the fishing spots disappear on PC. The fishing spot is still there but it does not show up for the player.

Fortnite fishing spots disappear bug
Credit: Trello

Some players on the Ps4 are having an issue saving their Fortnite replays. This bug will be fixed in the next update.

Fortnite replay not saving PS4 bug
Credit: Trello

The infamous slow glider redeploy bug will also be fixed in the next 14.20 update.

Fortnite slow glide redeploy bug
Credit: Trello

STW Bug Fixes

Fortnite STW has a bug where Redline Ramirez’s commander perk is not working properly.

Fortnite STW Redline Ramirez commander perk bug
Credit: Trello

Mobile Bug Fixes

The visibility of fishing spots can be inconsistent for android and Switch users.

Fortnite mobile inconsistent fishing spot bug
Credit: Trello

Mobile auto fire is not working properly when aiming at Gorgers.

Fortnite mobile auto fire bug
Credit: Trello

Fortnite Birthday Wrap Leaked

Fortnite’s battle royale mode was first released back on September 26, 2017. That means Fortnite’s 3rd birthday is not very far. Every previous year we got a lot of birthday challenges and rewards for completing these challenges. This year might also be similar as leakers have leaked a Fortnite birthday wrap in the game files. the leaked wrap can be seen below.

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