Fortnite 14.40 Patch Notes: Charge Shotgun Vaulted, Halloween Weapons, Fortnitemares, and much more

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite patch 14.40 is dropping soon and the patch notes for the update is here.

Epic Games announced yesterday that Patch 14.40 is going to go live today. Matchmaking has already been disabled in Fortnite Battle Royale. This new update brings a lot of cool content to Fortnite including Fortnitemares Challenges, new Midas Boss, new Superpowers and so much more. The patch notes for this update has also been published for content creators. Here I will talk a little bit about the patch notes and what to expect from it.

14.40 Download Size and Optimization:

The tweet posted by Fortnite lets us know that the patch size will be approximately 27 GB. This massive download will apparently help make the game take up less space on our drives. The game will reduce approximately 60 GB in size after the update. We still don’t know the update size for PS4, XBOX, mobile and Switch but they will also be bigger downloads compared to previous patches.

This patch will help us get smaller downloads for updates in future patches and also improve loading performance. Optimization is currently needed as the game feels clunky and loading times are long.

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Midas Boss in Agency:

We got leaks that this year’s Fortnitemares is going to be called Midas’s Revenge. This leak was found thanks to the Russian in-game news feed that accidentally got updated.

In the patch notes, we also saw something about a reawakened mastermind out for revenge. This means that Midas has been reawakened and is out for revenge. He will apparently take over the agency with his ghostly henchmen. The henchmen will wield the Halloween pumpkin launcher according to previous leaks.

New Fortnitemare Challenges:

With the 14.40 update, the whole map will be decorated with a Halloween theme. There will also be Fortnitemare challenges and completing these challenges will offer a free backbling, a Pickaxe, and tons of XP.

Loot Pool Changes:

The loot pool will also be changed in the 14.40 update. The biggest change is probably the Charge Shotgun getting vaulted. The Charged Shotgun was introduced back in season 3 and it’s already getting vaulted. Everyone’s favorite Pumpkin Launcher will be making a return in this patch as well.

There will be a Witch’s Broom item that you can use to fly in the sky and new Halloween themed consumables that will have varying effects. New Marvel superpowers will also be introduced in this update as well.

Overall the Fortnite 14.40 patch is looking very promising but we will have to wait for the update to go live and judge for ourselves.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.