Fortnite 14.30 Patch Notes: Combat Shotgun Buff, Rally Royale LTM, and much more

Epic Games recently confirmed Fortnite patch 14.30 is coming with Combat Shotgun buff, new Rally Royale LTM, Marvel Knock Series tournaments, and much more.

Epic Games have recently confirmed patch 14.30 update is coming this week with a new LTM, combat shotgun buff, and much more. But content-wise the game has been lacking. We did not receive any meaningful updates during the last few weeks.

Although this update seems like it will have some content but they just don’t seem enough. Most players are probably waiting for a Fortnitemares update or some sort of in-game event to make the game feel lively again. But seems like we will have to wait some more for an update like that.

All the content creators received the patch notes for the upcoming 14.30 update that’s dropping soon. Here I will showcase the patch notes and discuss about them.

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Patch 14.30 Release Date/ Time

Epic Games recently confirmed the release of the 14.30 update. They announced it officially on Twitter.

According to the twitter post from Epic Games v14.30 is scheduled to release on October 13. Downtime for the patch will begin at 4 AM ET (08:00 UTC).

Expect some downtime before the update goes live. Servers might be taken offline 20-30 mins before the update.

Patch Notes for 14.30 Update

The patch notes include some official updates that are coming to the game as soon as the 14.30 update drops while some of the content in the patch notes might come later this week. We might also get some updates regarding Fortnitemares and new skins soon.

Rally Ride LTM

A new car racing LTM is going to be coming to Fortnite with the new 14.30 update. Players will need to collect tickets and unlock the finish line and cross before anyone else to gain victory in this new car LTM. The Rally Royale LTM will not go live with the release of the 14.30 update but will come later this week.

Fortnite cars
Fortnite Rally Royale LTM coming later this week Credit: Epic Games

Marvel Knockout Super Series

A Series of four tournaments featuring the Marvel Knockout LTM was announced by Epic. They said in a blog post earlier,

“Assemble your Super Hero team to compete in the Marvel Knockout Super Series — featuring four competitive cups centered around the Marvel Knockout game mode. These four cups will build up to a final, $1,000,000 tournament to conclude the Marvel Knockout Super Series happening on November 21. And as an added bonus, any player who participates in all four of the cups will receive the exclusive Nexus War Glider.”

Combat Shotgun Buff

The combat shotgun was nerfed at the beginning of season 4. Everyone was very upset to see the massive nerf it received. Players were taking blue pumps over a legendary combat shotgun.

The combat shotgun is getting a damage buff with the release of the 14.30 update.

Fortnite combat shotgun
Fortnite Combat Shotgun Credit: Epic Games
14.30 patch notes
Fortnite 14.30 patch notes Credit: Epic Games

Along with the official updates that are coming, we might also see some new Marvel skins, Fortnitemares map changes, New Superpowers, and more near the end of the week.

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