Fortnite 12.61 Leaks Hint At Destruction All Over The Map

Fortnite 12.61 update dropped today and leakers have found that the Battle Royale map could suffer destruction in the future.

With the latest Fortnite update just dropping today leakers have been busy in finding new leaks about the event, new skins, etc. They have found a lot of hints and files that hint toward the destruction happening all over the map including the Agency building.

Fortnite fans are waiting eagerly for the arrival of Season 3 of Fortnite. already the event hints are underway and the countdown timer has already been added to the lobby and Main menu.

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Gravity Rocks, Lightning Strikes and More

Some new gameplay cues were added in the latest update. A popular Fortnite leaker Firemonkey leaked them. These gameplay cues could be used during the Doomsday Event coming in a few days.

Destruction of the Agency

The Doomsday event could very well destroy the map as well as the Agency with it. Some new files were added to the game that hints toward the Destruction of the agency.

Fortnite leaker FortTory revealed that a hole could appear under the agency. This hole could hold the Doomsday device under the Agency. The event could trigger the Doomsday Device to explode and make this large hole appear.

Another mesh file by FortTory revealed broken Agency walls that further proves the validity that the Agency might be destroyed.

Leaked Audio Files Confirm a Storm

VastBlast released a video just over 2 minutes that makes us familiar with some event audio files.

In the video a countdown siren can be heard and in the background distinct voices panicking as the storm increases. These audio files could hint towards a cutscene during the Doomsday event.

The latest update of Fortnite added a lot of files that hint toward the Doomsday event but we still cannot be sure if these files are going to link to one another. Only time will tell what happens to the map and the Agency after the Doomsday event.

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