Fortnite 12.60 Update, All leaked Skins And Cosmetics


Fortnite 12.60 update just dropped and it might be the biggest update before season 3. Cosmetic wise it’s less than previous updates. It only features a few new skins.

This update lets us know there is not much time left before Season 3 of Chapter 3. This update also has some hints towards the end of season 2. Although there are not many new skins in this update it still has significant new things added for Fortnite players to get excited.

There are only a few new skins that got leaked with this new update of Fortnite. Some skins got new edit styles as well.

But even with very few new skins, some edit styles are sure to get the player base buzzing. Especially since the rarest skin in Fortnite, the Recon Expert is getting a no hat style.

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12.60 New Cosmetics

The Renegade shadow and the Shimmer Specialist are the two new skins that got leaked in this new 12.60 update. The Renegade Shadow skin having 4 edit styles for it. The shimmer specialist having a metallic style jacket and blue hair with googles.

There are also some new back blings and wraps that were also added to the game files.

Recon Expert New Style

10 new styles are getting added to existing skins. But the most interesting style is the Recon Expert.

The rarest skin in Fortnite Recon Expert which hasn’t been in the item sho for more than 900 days sees a new no hat style added. Does this mean it will be returning to the item shop soon?

A Fortnite leaker tweeted this saying that the skin might return to the item shop very soon.

Although there is no confirmed news if the Recon Expert skin is coming back to the item shop but people are speculating that it is coming back. If this skin comes back to the item shop a lot of OG Fortnite players are probably going to be pretty upset.

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