Forspoken: All Red Magic Spells List

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Forspoken: All Red Magic Spells List

Learn about all the Red Magic Spells that you can cast in Forspoken.

In the land of Athia, Tanta Sila has been bestowed upon with the most powerful magic spell, that is, Red Magic. It is pretty obvious as she is the commander of the Athian Army. All of her magic spells are based on fire. Good to let you know that Frey, our protagonist of the game, can learn all of Sila’s magic and can use it in the worst possible situation.

We will see that the Red Magic is being used for close combat rather than focusing on the foes that are a bit out of range. With that saying, this makes the Red Magic less powerful, even by a tiny bit. Like a shotgun in the face, Red Magic can bring upon devastating damage on foes upon impact. Let’s see that for ourselves.

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Offensive Red Magic Spells

Spell NameEffectsRequired Mana
SliceA magical sword will deal fire damage
Rage Slice Unleashes a swirling of magical punches while charging. After charging, it will strike foes with an explosive force.
Arc SliceA quick slice attack that will make all foes in range. Moreover, it deals extra damage if performed in mid-air.
Blast SliceA magical spear will be targeted at a foe and explode upon impact. Moreover, it can fly further and hit harder if performed in mid-air.
Offensive Red Magic Spells

Defensive Red Magic Spells

Spell NameHow to UnlockRequired Mana
FusilladeSummons multiple swords of fire that protect you while charging up and attack the foes upon an imminent threat.
AegisSummons an aura that removes any attack or defense-reducing spells.28
LegionSummons soldiers that are made of fire.24
ChargeSummons a magical shield that will push the foes upon impact.
CrucibleCasts an area surrounded by fire. In that area, all damage will have an increased effect upon impact.
BombardierPushes foes with fire that will explode upon impact in a large area.24
FiretrapSummons a lava pool beneath the foes.28
Defensive Red Magic Spells

Parkour Spells

Spell NameHow to UnlockRequired Mana
SoarClimb higher while taking steps in the air.
RushBoosts up the speed of the Flow ability. It has to be timed perfectly.
ZipIt can be used as a grappling hook to latch onto ledges.

Other Red Magic Spells

Spell NameHow to UnlockRequired Mana
BeaconIncreases stamina recharge rate. It will also make you more noticeable to your foes.
ConflagrationSummons a column made of fire that will deal damage over time.
Drag and DropSummons an attack that will strike the foes and pull them closer.24
AmplifyAn indirect ability that will make your cloak increase your magic.144
Other Red Magic Spells

And this is all I had for the Red Magic Spells in Forspoken. Cheerio!

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