Forspoken: All Purple Magic Spells List

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Forspoken: All Purple Magic Spells List

Learn about all the Purple Magic Spells that you can cast in Forspoken.

In Athia, Purple Magic is used by Frey, our main protagonist. Purple magic is based on Earth-type, which means we will use more Earth-ly elements rather than some fancy magical stuff. Mother nature calls, right? These are one of the basic ones that Frey will be using from the very beginning of the game. Later on, you can learn the other ones as well.

Purple Magic can go for a long range. This means you will have plenty of control over a larger area. There are rock-based and plant-based magic spells that will eventually put your abilities up for a challenge and be worthwhile at the same time. Without further ado, let’s get into this.

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Offensive Purple Magic Spells

Spell NameEffectsRequired Mana
ShotFires lumps of rocks.
Burst ShotFires lumps of explosive rocks that deal damage on a large area,
Scatter ShockIt fires steam of rocks while charging and unleashes a high-impact and long-range projectile.
Shield ShotIt summons a defensive shield while charging and blasts into pieces when foes interact with it.
Offensive Purple Magic Spells

Defensive Purple Magic Spells

Spell NameHow to UnlockRequired Mana
PrimeSummons a mine on the pointed area.28
ScreenSummons a stone wall for defense.28
TendrilSummons a whip made of Poison Ivy.
LeachSummons magical poison-curing plants from within.
BindTies the foes up front and tangles them.
DisperseSummons flowers on the pointed area that will throw rocks at the foes.24
ImplantFires seeds into enemies for a certain period of time.28
Defensive Purple Magic Spells

Parkour Spells

Spell NameHow to UnlockRequired Mana
ShimmyIncrease acceleration by kicking off from the ground.
FlowIncreases movement speed by several folds.
LeapKick off from a wall to climb higher.
Parkour Spells

Other Purple Magic Spells

Spell NameHow to UnlockRequired Mana
BurrowIncreases stamina recharge rate. It will also make you more noticeable to your foes.
GenesisSummons barbed branches that will skew foes on a large area.
RarifyIt enables Breakshards of the same type to combine, eventually improving their level.42
ModifyEnables Breakshards to turn into shards of other types.34
VivifyImproves the quality of the necklace that improves health over time.
Cut and RunSwitches to Frey’s Magic.
Other Purple Magic Spells

And this is all I had for the Purple Magic Spells in Forspoken. Cheerio!

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