Former world champion Crown joins a Korean challenger team

Former world champion Lee “Crown” Min-ho has left North American team Counter Logic Gaming and joined a Korean challenger team OZ Gaming.

League of Legends veteran player Lee “Crown” Min-ho has been playing League of Legends since 2014. His career took a major turn when he joined Samsung Galaxy in 2015. And with Samsung Galaxy, he won the 2017 World Championship and was considered one of the best mid laners beside Faker.

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He later joined a North American team OpTic Gaming in 2018. And this is probably one of his biggest mistakes because just after playing ten months he was moved to the OpTic Gaming Academy in 2019. Although a month later he joined Immortals and again after one month of playing, he left Immortals and joined CLG in November 2019.

But due to performance issues, CLG decided to remove Crown from the squad. As a result, Crown left North America and moved back to Korea.

And today, a source confirms that Lee “Crown” Min-ho has joined a Korean challenger team OZ Gaming.

Many fans thought that Crown might retire from the League of Legends pro scene. But seeing him joining a challenger team clearly shows he still has a passion for the game.

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