Former LOL player who spent $2,900 Warns Apex Fans on the Dangers of Overspending

Those heirlooms aren't cheap

Apex Legends just launched its System Override event that will include the Octane heirloom guaranteed for approximately $170.

Former League of Legends player PlatinumRooster who played the game for almost ten years stated the risk of overspending in a free-to-play title. He stated the fact that he apparently spent around $2900 in a course of 10 years.

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Even though he mentioned that LOL was a huge part of his life as it filled him with joy and frustrations, he thinks that it was all worth it for a game that he really loved. After presenting that argument he later voiced his concern over Respawn over monetizing limited time events.

The fact that you will be able to spend all $2900 faster than he did in LOL in a course of 10 years is really worrying. Since Respawn is likely to have this event like 5 times a year is a huge pill to swallow for a lot of Apex fan.

In his Reddit thread, he talked about how the fight against this over monetization model form Respawn has kind of died down. Most people have seemed to have given up. While Apex Legends is a free-to-play game, it is really not that difficult to fall into the rabbit hole of buying new skins as it comes out.

Most of the skins are likely to be a limited time exclusive. Which further incentivizes the user base to spend money on their preferred skins. While it is completely ok for fans to spend money on a skin they like in a free-to-play game, we should all be really careful not to overspend.

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