Former League of Legends Caster Skyshock Indefinitely Banned on Twitch

Erick “Skyshock” González is a former League of Legends caster. He began by translating World of Warcraft videos into Spanish on his own Youtube channel and was later picked by Riot Games as a caster. Skyshock is known for his ‘The Presentation of Champions’, ‘Guide to Champions’, and his establishment as a professional commentator in League of Legends.

Eric achieved recognition from the League of Legends community after the establishment of the League of Legends official Latin American division. Eric gave life to the Latin Spanish League of Legends programs with his commentary. He announced his retirement from casting after spending 5 years with Riot Games back in 2018.

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Shyshock Indefinitely Banned on Twitch

Recently Twitch indefinitely banned Skyshock. A bot named StreamerBans announced the ban news on Twitter. This was Skyshock’s first-ever ban on Twitch.

Soon after his ban news went public skyshock tweeted saying that the ban was indefinite but has since deleted the tweet.

Skyshock banned on Twitch
Skyshock’s Twitch account banned Credit: Skyshock’s twitch channel

Possible Reason for the Ban:

As with all other bans, Twitch did not reveal the reason behind the indefinite ban. But we can make some guesses thanks to some of Shyshock viewers who commented on Twitter.

Skyshock possible ban reason
Crdedit: DannyLugs on twitter

DannyLugs on Twitter said, “He was watching videos that the chat sent him and in one he came out as a naked midget, I don’t really know if it was because of that :/”.(Translated via Google).

Another user named KEV stated another reason for the ban.

Credit: Kevin_arll on twitter

KEV said,” It was a naked little nose, a video in low quality but anyway the naked little nose”.(Translated via Google).

As of right now we don’t know the exact reason for the ban but hopefully Twitch unbans him soon.

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