For the first time in 7 years, CS:GO surpassed DotA 2 in average monthly players

CSGO even surpassed Dota 2

Recently CSGO has seen some of the biggest crowd in their history. Steam charts seem to suggest that CSGO is now back at the top in average monthly players in Steam.

The father of all FPS is back at the top with a bang. Now CSGO surpassed the long-standing champion Dota 2 for the first time since 2013. With the newest operation releasing after a long time paired that with the game going free-to-play it is not that hard to understand its recent spike in popularity.

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CSGO player count
CSGO surpassed Dota2

Numbers do not lie. CSGO at this point surpassed Dota 2 which held the spot for some time. Only PUBG at its peak reached that obscene amount of players. Right now though it is a completely different story.

CSGO has aged really well as the numbers are only getting better and better. CSGO has topped their old concurrent player record back in last year. The most surprising thing is they aren’t slowing down either.

Shattered Web a Big Success

With every passing month, CSGO seems to be making a new record according to Steam Charts. Aside from some little problem with visibility and player model, it looks like the latest operation Shattered Web is a big success.

It gave veteran players a reason to grind the game for one more time. Players seem to flocking back to the game in huge numbers with no indication of slowing down. The game becoming free-to-play means more players got a chance to check out the game.

It is always good to see games with a passionate fanbase set the new record one after another. With the momentum on their side, it will be interesting to see what Valve does in the future to keep up the pace.

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