Fnatic’s CSGO roster returns to no 1 position in the world ranking

They just reclaimed their throne

Fnatic is once again right back at the top of the CSGO’s World ranking.

Fnatic took down Ukrainian powerhouse NAVI to retake their number one position in the HLTV world ranking. Just right after Fnatic made Golden a permanent member of their roster, this Swedish CSGO team is once again back at the top.

With Golden as their IGL, Fnatic’s CSGO roster that consists of flusha, JW, KRIMZ, Brollan are currently the favorites to win everything this year. With their 2:1 victory against Astralis in the Group stage of ESL one: Road to Rio, they secured back their top ranking.

Fnatic’s CSGO roster 2020

Fnatic made a comeback in 2020

Fnatic was one of the best Counter-Strike teams in the years 2009, 2014, and 2015. They were the team to beat as they had the longest winning streak in Counter-Strike with 12 consecutive major wins. This gave them their “Legend Status“.

With teams like NAVI dominating the CSGO scene at the beginning of these years IEM Katowice. It looked like NAVI would bring home everything in 2020. As everything around the world changed during the last couple of months, teams were forced to avoid LAN tournaments. Just at this time, Fnatic made a huge comeback.

Fnatic’s very distinctive style of CSGO is very fun to watch. No wonder they have fans all over the world. It’s great that two of the most dominant teams right now have “styles” that are globally considered very distinct, makes events really fun to watch.

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