Fnatic sweep X10 Esports 2-0 in the VCT Masters Iceland Lower bracket Round 2

After losing to Sentinels in the Upper brackets, Fnatic faces off against X10 Esports. Since this is the lower bracket, the loser of today’s match will be knocked out.

Fnatic were the runner’s up of VCT Stage 2 EMEA Challengers Finals. In Masters, they won their match against KRU Esports but lose against Sentinels in the next one. Now they must win their next match to continue in the event.

X10 Esports were the Champions of VCT Stage 2 SEA Challengers Finals. In Masters, they lost their first match against Team Vikings and got demoted to the lower brackets. There, they had a match against Crazy Raccoon and managed to knock them out. Now they face Fnatic in the lower brackets.

The first map was Icebox which was picked by Fnatic. In the first half, Fnatic had a strong defense set up and took a substantial lead. In the 2nd half, they executed aggressive pushes and took the map without dropping a single round.

The second map was Haven picked by X10. They were ahead for the first 3 rounds but once Fnatic’s economy stabilized, they continued their onslaught without dropping a single round. The second half was competitive but Fnatic got the rounds they needed and took the series.

doma and Mistic from Fnatic stood out with the best performances, BOTH getting a +19 K/D and 144 ADR.

Mapwise scores:

Fnatic 13-4 X10 Esports
Fnatic 13-9 X10 Esports

Thus Fnatic stays strong and power through the lower brackets of VCT Masters Iceland.

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