Fnatic secures a spot in the VCT Lower Bracket Final by defeating Team Liquid with a 2-0 scoreline

Fnatic will advance to meet the Korean “Kingslayer” NUTURN Gaming in their final match of the Lower Bracket run.

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The match has been a constant back and forth between the teams. Previously these two titans faced off in the EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Final; in that match Team Liquid hardly brought the victory home. Since then, Fnatic changed up their strategies & agent lineup drastically. While L1NK, soulcas and Kryptix stepped up and clutched some rounds, the squad fell short in most cases against Fnatic’s solid teamwork.


Bind – ( Fnatic 13 – 10 Team Liquid )

Ascent – ( Fnatic 13 – 10 Team Liquid )

Team Liquid lost their first match on Bind with ScreaM being unable to find his foothold. While the team managed to gather some rounds after a tactical timeout. Nevertheless, they couldn’t stand firmly against Fnatic’s well-executed offence and defence. 

In Ascent, Team Liquid started off strong, scoring a lead over Fnatic. Thanks to ScreaM’s experience, the CSGO veteran soon found his form intact in the second map. Despite several heavy blows from ScreaM & L1NK, Fnatic stuck to their guns and exceeded expectations through clutch plays from Boaster, Mistic and Magnum. 

While the players in Team Liquid were quick to gain their own share of space, Fnatic was quick to respond with well planned out retakes. The synergy between the players and the careful combination of utility were the tools that delivered Fnatic the victory.

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Sadly, Team Liquid will be exiting the tournament & Fnatic will seal their fate in the match against NUTURN Gaming. Yesterday, NUTURN Gaming got absolutely outmatched by Sentinels. However, their playstyle might pose a grave threat to their European counterpart in the Lower Bracket Final.

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