Fnatic secures a hard-fought victory against Team Liquid with a 2-1 scoreline in VCT Stage 3 Challengers Main Event

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: VCT EU on Twitter

In the opening series of VCT Stage 3 Challengers Main Event, Fnatic drew first blood by defeating Team Liquid.

Led by Boaster, the Fnatic squad managed to gain the upperhand against their old rival, Team Liquid. A valiant effort from Soulcas couldn’t make enough impact on the ultimate outcome of the series. Outstanding team chemistry from Derke, doma, and Boaster worked out perfectly on both Breeze and Bind. 

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Breeze: Fnatic (13 – 11) Team Liquid 

Bind: Fnatic (9 – 13) Team Liquid

Haven: Fnatic (13 – 10) Team Liquid    

In the second map, Scream was able to deliver some crucial blows on the Fnatic squad. With the support from L1NK and Soulcas, Scream showed up when the team needed him. Even after a close first-half, Team Liquid forced Fnatic to the final map. 

At the beginning of the third map, Team Liquid secured the lead. However, Fnatic pulled through and came back after the second half. After some brief period of technical difficulties during the game, Fnatic changed up their pace and closed the series in Haven with a 13-10 scoreline.

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Fnatic will proceed to play in the Upper Bracket Semifinals on July 8 against Guild Esports. On the other hand, Team Liquid will face off Team BDS in the lower bracket tomorrow as well. Nonetheless, all European teams in this Stage 3 Challengers Main event are putting up a really decent competition. With the crown of the Best of EU Title at stake, no team can afford a defeat.

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