Fnatic just signed Golden permanently to their roster

He is finally a permanent member of Fantic

Maikil Kunda Selim aka Golden just got singed to the Fnatic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster for permanently this time. He was on and off the team for a long time. Finally, he got a permanent deal with Fnatic.

Golden was always a part of Fnatic for a long time now. But he was not a permanent member of their squad. He was part fo the Fnatic roster back from 2017 to June 2018. During that time he was really successful. This Swedish IGL was good at leading the team. He led the team through IEM Katowice 2018 and at the WESG 2017 Finals.

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Even though Fnatic won some really amusing tournaments under him. But in 2018 he was let go from the team. Instead, Fnatic took Draken in his place. He even took a break from playing professionally to focus more on School between Counter-Strike source and 1.6. He was later scouted by Fnatic academy.

Fnatic on Twitter

Fnatic confirmed the deal with him in a tweet by their official account. They said that after many meetings with the org and other staff members they decided that it was finally time for making a permanent deal with him.

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Many fans think that it was really well deserved from his part. Many fans think that the Fnatic roster looks much scarier with him rather than without him. He is definitely a really good investment from Fnatic.

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