Fnatic defeats NUTURN Gaming and proceeds to meet Sentinels in the VCT Stage 2 Masters Grand Final

After defeating Team Liquid in their previous Lower Bracket match, Fnatic will have their chance to take revenge against Sentinels on the Grand Final of VCT Masters 2.

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NUTURN Gaming’s run in the Lower Bracket comes to an end with the loss against Fnatic. The Europeans proved themselves by absolutely storming the Korean squad in both maps. Until the Masters 3 in Berlin, NUTURN Gaming will have to slowly navigate their way through some of the finest teams in the VALORANT scene. For now, Lakia, solo & peri are left with a Third Place position in the first-ever VALORANT LAN tournament. 

On Bind, Fnatic repeated their playstyle from the previous match against Team Liquid and produced effective results. Utility usage, team chemistry & perfectly timed aggressions from Fnatic shifted the balance of the entire match. Boaster & Magnum kept Fnatic in the driver seat at all costs.

After Bind, the European fortress Fnatic lost its momentum on Ascent. Ascent saw some change of pace from both teams, allow’s exceptional performance took NUTURN Gaming to the final map. Additionally, the team chemistry between Suggest, peri & Lakia perfectly showed up after the devastating first map.


Bind – ( Fnatic 13 – 8 NUTURN Gaming )

Ascent – ( Fnatic 8 – 13 NUTURN Gaming )

Haven – ( Fnatic 13 – 8 NUTURN Gaming )

Finally, Fnatic regained their posture back in the decider map. The European squad was able to hold their ground while predicting all the moves from their opponent. During the second half of the map, solo, Suggest & allow did try to establish control over the situation, but it was already too late as Fnatic only needed 2 rounds to seal the case. 

A back-to-back victory against Team Liquid and NUTURN Gaming shows the true strength of Fnatic. Analysts & fans wanted to see a North America Vs Europe showdown in the Grand Final, thanks to Fnatic, now it’s a reality.

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