Flashpoint hired a former WWE writer to work with CSGO players

They will help with developing characters of pro players

Flashpoint the main competitor of ESL has gone up and beyond as they hired a former WWE writer to work with their competitive CSGO players.

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In order to further develop the individual personalities of these players, Flashpoint went a bit overboard. Apparently the writer will help these pros to up their presentation skills. Esports athletes sometimes have difficulties when interacting or performing on a big stage.

Flashpoint will help make these players stand out from others. Since ESL already has a developed viewer base, Flashpoint is making extra efforts to get ahead. This includes giving players a little more character.

Flashpoint and ESL already have a bit of history already. Both sides were involved in a bit of bickering. So, Flashpoint is trying to raise the bar of what Esports tournament should feel like.

They are adding an extra bit of flair to the game. Many are speculating that this will include a lot of back and forth between players of different orgs, just like it happens in major WWE matches. This will certainly provide an extra layer of spice to the tournament.

Flashpoint has just announced its schedule for what will be called the Flashpoint 1. Friday, March 13 will begin a new chapter in competitive CSGO history.

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