Patch 10.15: Five best champions from each role

Patch 10.15 is just around the corner and here are the five best champions from Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, and Support role.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the patch 10.15 which brings some major changes to champions like Skarner and Swain. And in the meantime champions like Aphelios, Lee Sin, and Twisted Fate are getting some noticeable nerfs.

And based on the patch 10.15 preview patch notes, here’s our tier list of five best champions from each role you should abuse on patch 10.15.

Top Lane

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  1. Darius
  2. Volibear
  3. Camile
  4. Maokai
  5. Wukong

Darius has to be the most overpowered Top lane champion at this moment, he currently has around 44% ban rate across all major regions. His win rate and pick rate is relatively high as well. As he didn’t get any changes in patch 10.15, he will definitely remain the same overpowered meta top laner.

No matter how many times Volibear and Wukong get nerfs they continued to remain as strong as ever and patch 10.15 is no different. Maokai was a meta pick in patch 10.9 and got nerfed soon after in the patch 10.10, but currently, he is still doing great and our only pure tank top laner in the list. Camile, on the other hand, has an above 55% win rate in the higher elo. And with no changes in patch 10.15, she will continue to dominate in the Top lane.


Image Via Riot Games
  1. Karthus
  2. Kha’Zix
  3. Nunu & Willump
  4. Kayn
  5. Lillia

Karthus has to be one the most broken champions in League of Legends with the patch 10.14 changes. He is not only overpowered in the Jungle but in Mid and ADC as well. Lillia is the newest jungler in League of Legends. With her insane ap burst damage, she makes in our top 5 best jungle list.

Kha’Zix also received some decent buff in patch 10.14 which will make him the underdog of the jungle on patch 10.15. Currently, he also has an above 55% win rate in the Master+ elo.

With the recent AP buff on Nunu & Willump, players are abusing him in the Mid lane as well as the jungle as he has a 54% win rate in Master+ Elo and a 52% win rate in Plat+. Regardless of the recent nerfs, Kayn still makes his way into our top 5 jungle tier list.

Mid Lane

Image Via Riot Games
  1. Karthus
  2. Zed
  3. Katarina
  4. Talon
  5. Kassadin

Karthus has to be the best mid laner at this moment with the recent changes which was meant to be a buff to Karthus mid. But Riot might have overdone with Karthus as he currently has around 56-60% win rate in Master-Challenger Elo.

It’s no surprise that three assassins are in our top 5 best mid lane tier list. All of them are currently having around 52% win rate and with no changes, they will continue to dominate in the mid lane on patch 10.15. Kassadin, on the other hand, has around 60% ban rate in EUW and his ban rate across major regions are fairly high as well.


Image Via Riot Games
  1. Ashe
  2. Karthus
  3. Yasuo
  4. Jhin
  5. Caitlyn

With meta champions like Ezreal, Varus, and Aphelios getting gutted by Riot Games, Ashe has to be the best ADC at this moment along with Karthus who is basically broken in every single role in League of Legends.

Caitlyn is the only ADC to get buff in patch 10.15 despite having around 15% pick rate, and with this new buff, she has to be one of the best ADC to look out for on patch 10.15. Yasuo and Jhin are doing quite great in the bot lane as well.


Image Via Riot Games
  1. Lulu
  2. Janna
  3. Blitzcrank
  4. Senna
  5. Soraka

Lulu is a must pick or ban support champions at this moment with her insane shield and peeling potential. She has above 52% win rate in Plat+ elo and above 55% win rate in the Master+ Elo making her the best support to look out for in patch 10.15.

Janna and Soraka are the other two supports beside Lulu who is doing great and it seems like League of Legends support meta will be all about healers in patch 10.15.

With Thresh nerf on patch 10.15, Blitzcrank will continue to dominate in the bot lane, and Senna is fairly good support as well to look out for on patch 10.15.

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