First Look at the Unreleased Mythic Dual Uzi in Fortnite

A new mythic weapon for Mystique is in the works right now in Fortnite and it looks amazing.

Fortnite introduced Mythic POIs and Mythic weapons at the start of Chapter 2 Season 1. Since then every season we have some Mythic weapons that are different than all the other weapons. There is only one Mythic of each type available in a single game. They offer different playstyle to the rest of the guns in Fortnite.

In the previous season, we had some controversial Mythic weapons that were broken according to the community. The Midas Drum Gun, Kit Shockwave Launcher are the ones that come to mind as being too op or broken. This season Mythic weapons got replaced by Mythic Superpowers. We do not have any Mythic weapons this season but it seems like we will be getting one pretty soon.

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Mystique Dual Uzi Mythic

According to a few leaks, a Mythic Dual Uzi is in the works right now and could release pretty soon. The weapon is called ‘Mystique’s Dual Auto Pistols’. They might have similar stats to the p90’s epic variant according to Mang0eLeaks on Twitter.

Below is a video where you can see the Mythic Dual Pistols in action. From the video, we can see the weapons are auto firing and the fire rate is pretty high. We couldn’t see any damage numbers in the video at all. although the weapons fire rate is fast the spread seems to be very large. This means that the weapons will only be effective when you are up close and personal.

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