First look at the full layout of VALORANT’s new map: Fracture

Earlier today, we get leaks of the layout of VALORANT’s new map which is also the most unique map released so far.

VALORANT maps always had unique aspects ranging from Ascent’s Closing doors, Bind’s Teleporters, Breeze’s Metal Door, Haven’s 3 bombsites, Icebox’s Horizontal Ropes, and Split’s Vertical Ropes. But for the upcoming map Fracture, the devs are thinking outside the box. Literally.

This time, the map’s unique feature will be such that the defenders will spawn near the center of the map while the attackers will spawn all around the outside edges of the map. This makes for a very different approach to the default map split between the attackers and the defenders.

Earlier today Mike from ValorLeaks who is a reliable source in the community has leaked information about the layout of the upcoming map.

As the rumors suggested, the defenders will get spawned in the middle of the map and will have the option to go to either site through the mid area. The attackers will have two spawn zones around the outer edge of the map.

The defenders will all spawn in the center but it is yet to be revealed how the dual attacker zones will be selected. It will be interesting to see how the gameplay unfolds on this new map and what strategies players come up with in this new map.

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