Final Fantasy 7 Remake is Coming to PS5 this Summer

Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy 7 is coming to PS5.

2021 is getting better each day, with new games and remakes getting release dates and announcements. Square Enix especially has been on top of their game starting this year. A brand new Hitman got released, a James bond game coming soon, and now a FF7 remake for PS5.

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Final Fantasy has always been a classic, and we all have dreamed to play it on 4k at 60 FPS. Finally, our calls have been listened to, and we are getting it on a Next-Gen console. Furthermore, the Final Fantasy 7 remake will be free on PS5 for anyone who has already bought it on the PS4.

Playstation shared details and news about the game at the State of Play 2021. The game will include faster load times, along with a new photo mode and support for the Dual Sense controller’s haptic feedback. PS5 allows you to play it on either performance mode that focuses FPS or Graphics mode that prioritizes 4k resolution.

Even though PS4 owners will be getting a free update on PS5, the DLC will be a PS5 exclusive. Meaning if you own FF7 on your PS4, you will need to get a PS5 to play the DLC. Final Fantasy 7 remake was one of the top games of 2020, and the remake on PS5 will be offering more content, better textures, more FPS, and 4k resolution.

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The DLC does not yet have a price, although, the game will cost you 70$ for the standard edition and 90$ for the deluxe. It will be releasing on June 10 on the PS5, so sit back, save up and get ready.

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