FIFA eNations Cup 2020 to be held in Denmark, with a big Prize pool and more

Denmark to host FIFA eNations Cup2020

Fifa just announced eNations Cup 2020 to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 22 to 24 of May. Worlds best will compete with each other to take home $100,000.

The tournament will begin to be entirely played in front of a live audience which is a first for this format of the game. FIFA along with the Danish Football Association announced recently about the tournament format including whereabouts of the matches.

Fifa on eNationsCup 2020

The tournament will see the second appearance to the world after last year’s debut in London. Unlike last year this year will have an interesting addition to the format cause the tournament will be played in front of a live audience, like all other major Esports.

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In this format, players will be able to play on both Xbox and Playstation as their platform of choice. The top two nations from four groups that will progress to the knockout stages will have a good chance of winning it all.

There will also be Global series points that will also be handy the qualifying for the Global series playoff. Which all be held as you guess at the end of the season.FIFA eNations Cup is an exciting time to be a FIFA fan as you will be able to see the best of the best compete against each other in an exclusive 2v2 format.

There will be 48 players around the world competing in this tournament. Two from each qualifying nation will get this chance to win big at the tournament. The qualification process has already stared as each organization is responsible for its own qualifying events.

CEO of DBU on the Event

We’re very proud that Copenhagen has been selected to host the FIFA eNations Cup 2020 and are looking forward to welcoming players and fans to a big and hopefully memorable event. Last year, our national team had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural event in London and this year it will be even more delightful for the team to be able to play in the tournament on home soil in Copenhagen. Esports is widely popular in Denmark so it’s going to be exciting to be able to open the doors and have a live audience during the tournament.

Kenneth Reeh, CEO

Fifa’s current CEO has assured fans that this tournament will feature a big and memorable event. This tournament will definitely bring some necessary attention to Esports.

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