FIFA 21, NHL 21 coming to EA Play and Game Pass

The two of the biggest sports titles, FIFA 21 and NHL 21 coming to EA Play, consequently to Xbox Game Pass, on April 12.

Both EA Play and Xbox Game Pass have been a favorite choice gamer on a budget, and in general casual gamers. With EA play being preferred by sports lovers because of their successful sports titles. From NBA to NHL, NFL, and the biggest FIFA series.

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Furthermore, now that Xbox Game Pass and EA Play catalogs have merged, through Game Pass Ultimate. Gamers of any choice have the freedom to taste the best of both worlds. The EA classics from EA play and 100+ games offered from Xbox’s side.

Consequently, EA announced that FIFA 21 and NHL 21 are heading to the EA Play vault, soon. NHL on April 12, FIFA on May. Hence, Game Pass Ultimate owners can now play both the sports titles, in their full form.

Although, for a lot of gamers FIFA 21, NHL 21 coming to EA Play, Game Pass is nothing serious. A huge chunk of sports fans can now enjoy their favorite titles at no extra cost. In addition to playing some of the best games on Xbox.

Especially in Europe, Middle East, and Asia where FIFA is a huge deal. This is a game-changer for them. Some gamers just might shift to Xbox for this sole reason.

FIFA 21 is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. NHL 21 is available on PS4 and Xbox One, but playable on next-gen via backwards compatibility. NHL 21 will come to EA Play on April 12, while FIFA on May.

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