Fedmyster reveals his relationship with Pokimane in a 25-page response titled “My Truth”

Former OfflineTV member Fedmyster has recently revealed the details of his complicated relationship with Twitch star Pokimane. He released a 25-page statement with shocking allegations against Pokimane.

Federico “Fedmyster” Gaitan recently released a formal 25-page statement about his removal from OfflineTV and went into details about his complicated relationship with Imane “Pokimane” Anys. The title for the released statement is “My Life”.

After spending some time apart from social media Fedmyster apparently decided to watch the streams made about him. Poki talked about Fedmyster in her stream after he was removed from OfflineTV. Fedmyster claims Poki talks about the things he did with zero context. Fedmyster also accused Pokimane of making claims about Fedmyster that are false, twisting the truth, or misconstrued.

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Then Fedmyster goes on to explain what type of relationship he had with Pokimane during his OfflineTV days. He said,” We became very flirty especially through text, started
having occasional sleepovers, and just, in general, were definitely heading in a romantic direction.
” He also provided some screenshots of DM’s to Pokimane to support his claims.

Next, he went on to explain how he never wanted Yvonne to be fired. Pokimane apparently claimed in her stream that Fedmyster wanted Yvonne to be fired. He said, “I personally never brought up the idea that Yvonne should get kicked out of OfflineTV, ever.” He also claims that it was Pokimane who wanted to get Yvonne fired at a later date.

There is so much stuff to go over on this 25-page statement and it’s not simply possible to explain all the details. However, Fedmyster provided a short TLDR that summarizes all the topics. The TLDR is given here exactly as written by Fedmyster.

I want to defend myself where possible; just giving context to things I felt were necessary for my
I’m sober and in therapy, I have learned a lot about myself and my issues, I’m working very hard to address what causes these issues.
My relationship with Poki was a lot more complicated than “we were just close”
I didn’t try to manipulate our friends to get them to hate Poki.
Poki’s relationship with Just Friends was professional, and she used me as a scapegoat for not
forming friendships with them. She isolated herself from them.
I told some people we had a thing, and I felt I was being honest; however, it was wrong because I broke her trust and privacy.
I never tried to get Yvonne fired because of the incident between us, but Poki later does for
other reasons.”

You can also read the full 25-page statement called “My Truth” to get more context. But if you are not in the mood for reading a 25-page statement then Twitch streamer Destiny has recently made a discussion video on Fedmyster’s released statement that can help you understand the situation.

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