Faze Clan Removes Kay and Suspends Multiple Members including Jarvis, Nikan, and Teeqo for promoting Sketchy “Save the kids” Crypto Tokens

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit:Faze Kay Twitter account

Faze Kay has been removed and several other Faze Clan members were suspended after allegations of promoting a sketchy new Crypto coin called “Save the Kids”.

Cryptocurrency is designed to work as a medium of exchange where transaction records are stored in a ledger using cryptography to ensure secure transactions. The most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin but currently, there are many more cryptocurrencies in the world. Cryptocurrencies do not have a physical form and use a decentralized system. Meaning no organizations like Governments or Banks have any control.

Recently cryptocurrency promotion has been a very prevalent thing on different social media websites. Many high-profile influencers are often promoting different cryptocurrencies to their fans. The recent stories about Elon Musk and Bitcoin are not unknown to that many people.

Many Esports organization members were also promoting alternate and suspicious cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens. The most recent and talked about the incident happened with some Faze clan members and the crypto token called “Save the Kids”.

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Faze Members Removed and Suepended:

Some Faze Clan members including kay, Jarvis, Nikan, and Teeqo were accused of scamming after promoting the crypto token “Save the Kids” and immediately selling all of their coins to make an instant profit. The Faze Clan members were also in the promotional videos of “Save the kids” crypto tokens.

Faze Clan soon responded to these accusations by removing Faze Kay and suspending Jarvis, Nikan and Teeqo. The announcement reads,

“We have made the decision to remove Kay from Faze Clan, and have suspended Jarvis, Nikan, and Teeqo until further notice.
Faze Clan had absolutely no involvement with our members’ activity in the Cryptocurrency space, and we strongly condemn their recent behaviour.
The trust and respect of our fans has been, and will always be, our number one priority.”

If you want a full context then you can watch the informative video made by Coffezilla. You can find the video below-

YouTube video

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