All Resolver Weapons and How to Find Them in Far Cry 6

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Here is how to get all the strongest weapon types in Far Cry 6, called the Resolver Weapons.

In the war between the revolutionaries and the dictatorship in Far Cry 6, your most trusted friend will be the high-tech Resolver Weapons. They are the most powerful weapons that you can use in the game. All thanks to your trusted friends of the revolution. In this guide, we aim to help you unlock and get your hands on the sweet weapons of death.

In Far Cry 6, there are 11 Resolver Weapons. Furthermore, you need to purchase them from Juan by exchanging depleted uranium to buy any of them. You can start collecting Resolver weapons after you finish the Supremacy mission. Moreover, more of these weapons become available from different arms dealers as you rank up, progress into the story, and free more occupied zones. Let’s take a glance at where we can find them!

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Location of ALL Resolver in Far Cry 6


Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

The Tostador is a flamethrower that will burn down anything that stands in your way. It can throw flames in a concentrated spray and also shoot jets of fireballs. But it is the weakest of Resolver Weapons. Obtained for free as the starting Resolver Weapon during the main storyline.

El Muro 

Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

El Muro is a beast revolver/hand cannon that excels in close combat. Furthermore, it also comes with a shield to protect you from enemy fire, while you pop their head off with the El Muro. Useful for hunting. Available from the start, no minimum level is required.

La Clavadora 

Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

This heavy crossbow is rather heavy and cumbersome to use if you can overlook that it fires heavy harpoons that impale enemies off their feet. Although, very powerful it is one of the weaker Resolver Weapons. Available from the start, no minimum level is required.

El Besito

Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

El Besito is an interesting gun that does not directly damage enemies but turns enemies against each other. Perfect for stealth missions. Unlocks at Rank 3, purchasable from Juan.


Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

Kill enemies with a colorful barrage of hell with this fireworks launcher. Not only it looks beautiful, but it ensures everything stays dead with its explosive volley of missiles. Unlocks at Rank 4, purchasable from Juan.

El Susurro

Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

The El Susurro is a fancy nailgun, that although does little damage but fires rapidly to turn enemies into Swiss Cheese. Its low sound also makes it effective in stealth missions. Unlocks at Rank 5, purchasable from Juan.

Discos Locos

Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

Other games let you shoot out circular saws with this weapon. But Far Cry 6 takes it up a notch. Hence, instead, use this weapon to shoot spinning discs at your enemies. Let them know the sound of death. Unlocks at rank 6, purchasable from Juan.


Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

Probably the most high-tech of all Resolver Weapons. This is an EMP cannon that not only blasts off enemies around you but also disables any enemy equipment and vehicles. Useful when you are surrounded by a large force/ Unlocks at Rank 7, purchasable from Juan.

El Pequeno 

Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

The classic heavy-hitting mini-gun without which any game will feel incomplete. Especially Far Cry. Use this when you want to take down a group of enemies as well as some armored vehicles. Unlocks at Rank 8, purchasable from Juan.

La Sorpresa 

Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

Stealth fans love snipers, but this sniper rifle is for those who love to go in with a bang. The La Sorpresa is a single-shot sniper rifle that fires explosive bullets. Letting you rain fire from afar. Unlocks at Rank 9, purchasable from Juan.

La Varita

Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons

The strong Resolver Weapon in Far Cry 6. The La Varita is a powerful revolver rifle that everyone playing the game should own. It allows you to shoot through walls. Therefore when combined with the Triador Supremo ability, you are basically impossible to hide from, as you can see through walls as well as shoot through them. Unlocks upon finishing the Yaran Story quest, called Triada Blessings.

These are Far Cry 6’s top-of-the-line Resolver Weapons. Hence, Don’t leave any of them purchased, or you’ll miss out on the best firefighting experience the game has to offer. Happy Hunting.

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