Fans can’t wait to go back to Kings Canyon again in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends fans are waiting for the day to go back to Kings Canyon map one more time. The beloved map is making its comeback again in the new limited LTM.

Though fans did get a chance to play in Kings Canyon map later last year in the Halloween event. But it was a zombie inspired LTM that was received mixed reactions among players. Fans on social media, Reddit can’t wait to go back to the OG Apex map one more time. This new event Grand Soirée will allow players to visit Kings Canyon after dark.

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Fans will be able to go back to the OG map between Jan 24-25. People all over Reddit and other media can’t wait to go back home.

Skull town
Reddit on Skull town

Are you ready for skull town?

Scull town was most probably the most popular place to drop in Kings Canyon without any doubt. Most of the time half the server would drop on this location. And SKull towns 4 lane structure did help ensure at least four squads got enough loot. After that fire fighting would go insane. There was a sentiment among players that if you survive skull town you win that match.

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The old map had a lot of memorable places other than skull town. All of them were really well designed. They really encouraged close range combat than the current map. There was less open space between the zones. Many players still think that Old map is better than World’s Edge. Though World’s Edge did change the meta a little bit.

We are all gonna wait for Jan 24 to drop into the old map one more time. This time though the map will be darker. An ideal situation for those charge riffle Charlies out there. That is gonna brighten up the dark map for sure.

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