Fan accidentally bumps into an easter egg of ARES division from Titanfall in Apex Legends

A new teaser for season 5 maybe?

Apex Legends has a lot of hidden Easter eggs and secrets for fans to figure out on there own.

A fan found out a device of ARES division from Titanfall in Worlds Edge. To activate this Easter egg and see it for yourself you would just have to drop in the dome and go to the building that is facing towards sorting. And you will see a device glowing and interacting with it will activate the device.

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What actually happens when you activate this device is still unknown but fans are speculating that it has something to do with Singh’s lab in Kings Canyon. Or maybe it has something do with wraith or the upcoming Legend Loba.

Most of the common belief is that this is the beginning of the teaser for the upcoming new hero or to build up the lore further. We all saw a glimpse of Singh in Wraith’s void walker event and how important it is to the lore of Apex.

Data miners, on the other hand, are claiming that it is a part of a teaser for the upcoming season. This teaser is supposed to be a multi-phase one. So, there are maybe more pieces to the puzzle that are scattered throughout the map. Or maybe respawn will slowly reveal more pieces really soon.

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All this has made fans more excited about the upcoming season and how it will add more new content to the game.

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