Fall Guys Reveals “The Bounding Bunny” Easter Costume with a Hillarious Live Action Trailer Video

Fall Guys recently revealed the Bounding Bunny Costume as part of the Easter event in a hilarious Live action trailer.

Fall Guys is a Platform Battle Royale Game developed by Mediatonic. In Fall Guys, players control a bean character taking part in a game show with 59 other contenders. Players have complete minigames such as obstacle courses and games of tags to be the last one left standing. The winner at the end gets the crown as the reward.

At the time of release Fall Guys became a worldwide popular game. But its popularity soon took a plummet after the release of Among Us and due to the abundance of cheaters. But Mediatonic has since stopped people from cheating and released new maps and battle pass to keep the players entertained.

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Recently Fall Guys announced the Easter event. The Fall Guys official account Twitter account posted a hilarious trailer video for the release of the Bounding Bunny Costume.

Trailer Description:

The trailer is apparently inspired by the Beastie Boys music video for Sabotage. At the start of the video, we can see some eggs from the Fall Guys Egg Scramble minigame, and among them is a golden egg. Then from the left side of the screen, a Real Life Fall Guys Bean comes and steals the Golden Egg.

Then we see some 1980′ style cops getting alerted about the theft and the chase begins. The three cops smash through cardboard boxes, stumble down the stairs in their effort to capture the Fall Guy that stole the egg.

The chase continues and the three cops are chasing right behind the thief when suddenly the Fall Guy slips on an apple and goes flying. Everyone watches in shock as the egg is flying in the air and is about to smash into the hard concrete road.

The video cuts to the smashed egg and reveals a cute bunny. Then the official announcement for the Bounding Bunny Costume is revealed. We see an image of the Bounding Bunny costume and release date.

Bounding Bynnu Costume Release Date:

According to the trailer the Bounding Bunny costume will release on April 4th, 2021.

Fall Guys Bounding Bunny Cstume
Fall Guys Bounding Bunny Cstume Credit: Mediatonic

The YouTube link to the trailer is given below-

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