Fall Guys New Sneaky Update: Valve Costumes, Fall Mountain Change, Tail Tag Time Reduction, and more

Developers of Fall Guys has implemented a sneaky update in Fall Guys that made changes to the game based on player feedback.

Fall guys have taken the gaming world by storm. Every streamer is playing Fall Guys right now. yesterday we witnessed a historic event where TimTheTatman won his first-ever Fall Guys game and 365k people were watching it live. It was truly a historic moment in gaming and Streaming.

The game has gained massive popularity among players of all ages. The development team also seems sincere in making the game better for its players. They made swift changes to the anti-cheat detection system when the game was filled with hackers. They also seem to listen to their community feedback and make changes accordingly.

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Recently they made a sneaky update to some of the mechanics of the game. The update introduces some changes based on community feedback.

New Fall Guys Update Changes:

Valve Costumes:

Valve costumes from now on will also be available in the store on PS4. Previously it was only available for steam users.

Fall Mountain Changes:

Fall Mountain will now have a max player count of 15.

Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble Changes:

Modes Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble timer have been reduced to 1:30 minutes.

Team Game Changes:

If you play one team round the next round will not be a team game according to the changes made in the new update.

These changes were all apparently made according to community feedback.The changes made to the game according to Fall Guys official Twitter.

That is all for the new Fall Guys Sneaky Update. We will update you if any new update goes live.

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