Fall Guys Latest Patch Notes: Algorithm Fix, Spectate Mode Change, Accidental Purchase and More

Fall Guys Latest Patch Notes has just released and it brings some much-needed changes to the Game.

Fall Guys released a few weeks ago but the game is still gaining momentum. The TitTheTatman win incident heightened the popularity of the game even more. Brands are fighting over who gets their skin in Fall Guys. Overall the game that everyone thought would die out in a week is still going strong.

The patch notes updates will roll out in next weeks update.

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Fall Guys Latest Patch Notes:

Fall Guy’s latest patch notes have just been released. It brings some much-needed quality of life changes to the game. The development team is working quickly based on community feedback.

Team Game Algorithm Fix

Previously sometimes we would have an unequal number of players in team games. This issue has been fixed. The algorithm has been tweaked so that team games will now have an equal number of players.

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Spectate Mode Prioritizes Party Members

The days of clicking through each player in order to find teammates while spectating are over. Since the launch of the game, players have been asking about this to be added. Now when you die you don’t spectate a random fall guy instead it will prioritize party members.

Invert X/Y and Sensitivity for Controllers(PS4 only).

Invert settings and sensitivity settings has been added for controller users on the PS4.

No More Accidental Purchases

Now when players want to buy something from the store a confirmation dialogue will pop up to confirm the purchase. No more accidental buys.

Bug Fixes

Some bugs have also been fixed. They include players exploiting some areas of the map. Players can no longer hold onto obstacles in Slime Climb. Jump Showdown got a geometry fix to fix players using an exploit.

Some frequent bugs have also been fixed in the latest update. Some outfits got a visual change. Ps4 got a UI fix to improve performance on no Pro models.

Trophy Achievement has been fixed so now it displays properly for all players in all languages.

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