Fake big-name CS:GO streamers are still scamming twitch viewers

They are at it again

Fake big-name Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scammers on Twitch are still scamming viewers. This pandemic is still active even after streamers are complaining to Twitch.

These imposters are using the fame and likeness of famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamers like “Shroud“, “Stewie2K” .”S1mple“and many others to scam viewers. They are using bots to full use to make their streams bigger. Then they are using “Free giveaway” to lure in unsuspecting viewers.

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The most vulnerable young demographics are an easy target for these scammers. The community is definitely not happy with Twitch. Users are complaining that twitch is not taking the necessary steps to put an end to these scammers. Twitch is banning them but only after some hours, these scammers are making a new account.

It is becoming a cat and mouse chase and the mouse, in this case, seems to be coming out again and again after getting caught so many times.


Many streamers are taking to twitter to share their frustration on the matter. They are asking for Twitch to take some immediate action. Twitch is really slow to take down these channels and when they do some users already fall victim to these scammers.

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The only way to avoid these scammers is to stay on the original Twitch site and not leaving the site for any suspicious websites. Not clicking some weird websites is a good way to avoid these scammers.


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